Sybella's Chambers
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Her Chamber Sea

12:56 PM
April 16, 2009 ~~~
Sybella, was so TWitchy today, as soon as the rush of business was over and the castle was empty she took some time for herself... finding great pleasure in her chamber bath...

Spring Sun
Window of her Chamber Bath

NorthWest window of her chamber bath

...she could not seem to get her Knight ChooseWell off her mind.....
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When she is not outdoors, under the Sky...

8:11 PM
April 15, 2009 ~~~
Sybella would spend every moment possible outside--under the sky. Dancing and twirling to the songs of birds. Half the reason she works so hard in her garden is for valid reason to spend hours beneath the beauty of the clouds, sun and feel the wind cross her cheek. The other half reason Sybella love her garden is for the Dirt of it all.

When she was a young fea her mother was astounded over not just the fact that Sybells was attracted to the dirt, but just how much dirt was attracted to Sybella! It was a constant problem keeping the dirt of her twinkle and there were times her mother thought perhaps Sybella's might never show due to the love of the earth and how much she would get on herself, under her nails, in her hair, and of course in every part of her clothes.

No one knew why she was always so filthy!

Sybella, knew.

She knew the only way to get clean was to swim in the lake, cross the river, or catch a wave on the edge of the sea. The working in the garden may have been excuse for the day outside in it...but, it was the dirt that lead to the sweet submission of the water. Which when Sybella was lucky could also be found under the bright spotlight of the sun, or the sacred glow of the moon.

For Sybella there could be no better day then to get real dirty and then wash it all away with a long swim under the water. Her childhood in California was the perfect place for a dirty little faery to grow up! Sybella lived in the dirt and the sea and spent any moment possible under the sky.

Life was never the same when she was picked up and relocated to the kingdom of Rain and Green...while awesome and beautiful it was somehow not the same. For one, most of the year the sun could not kiss her for fact she was hidden. For two,nothing except the inside of a coat or sweater could have direct contact with her skin. And For Three, even if she wanted it more then life it was dangerous to allow the wind and water to touch her breast... she would freeze to death and it wouldn't be the same.

Needless to say, as beautiful and perfect as it is to live beneath a Mountain Alive, above the river overlooking a beautiful strange kingdom--Sybella became a very frustrated dirt loving faery.

Until, she was given time and imagination in order to create her own magical place where it was safe to rip off her clothes and dance... and safe to submit to water... and her own Otherworld.

Sybella has grown accustom to the fact she can no longer run wild in the sand, half dressed making love to the waves of the ocean. She has like any smart Faery would, used her imagination and created her own little paradise within the castle walls.

Sybella has found that when she can't be outdoors, there is not a better place in the Castle to be than her own chambers...

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